Finance Committee

Stephanie Smith, Chair

Jamey Francis

Rita Franzoi

Police, Fire and License

Jamey Francis, Chair

Stephanie Smith

Robert Lanctoe

Parks and Recreation

Tom Conhartoski, Chair 

Joe Pinardi

Rita Franzoi

Board of Public Works

Robert Lanctoe, Chair

Tom Conhartoski

Joe Pinardi

Planning and Zoning

Joanne Bruneau 4/30/2024

Scott Santini, 2-yr. 4/30/2024

Jamey Francis, 2-yr. 4/30/2024

Rita Franzoi, 2-yr. 4/30/2024

Bob Bruneau, 2-yr. 4/30/2024

Andrew Tijan, 3-yr. 4/30/2024

Robert Charbonneau 3-yr. 4/30/2025

Board of Appeals

William Brunell 4/30/2023

Terry Siebel 4/30/2023

Scott Brown 4/30/2023

Mike Sejbl 4/30/2023

Joe Osterman 4/30/2023

Alternates: Steve Lombardo and John Wiercinski

Hurley Housing Authority

Laurie Juopperi 4/30/2023

Paul Mullard 4/30/2023

Joanne Bruneau 4/30/2023

Rose Ann Koivisto 4/30/2023

  • Secretary

Gary Swanson 4/30/2023

Darryl Kosma, Executive Director** 

Library Board

Janice Ruppe, 2-yr. 4/30/2024

Joanne Bruneau, 1-yr. 4/30/2023

Faye Lundgren, 1-yr. 4/30/2023

Gerry Traczyk, 2-yr. 4/30/2024

Pat Kangas, 3-yr. 4/30/2025

Laurie Lund, 3-yr. 4/30/2023

Joyce Mullard, 3-yr. 4/30/2023

Police Disciplinary Committee

Gary Pelkola 6/15/2023

Terry Seibel 6/15/2024

Jay Zahn 6/15/2025

Board of Review

Mayor, Treasurer, Parks & Rec Chair, City Council Present and Assessor 

Alternate: Kathy Osterman

City Representatives on Following Boards

Chamber of Commerce:

Joanne Bruneau

Eagle Bluff Golf Club:

Stephanie Smith

Gogebic-Iron Wastewater Authority:

Joe Pinardi & Jamey Francis

Alternate: Robert Lanctoe